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OFGEM consulting on network charging, including a consultation on embedded benefits, with major impact on many storage installations. 

Exciting future’ - UK Electricity Storage Network ‘rejoicing’ as government seeks answers - 23 Nov 16






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BEIS / OFGEM announce the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan - Upgrading our energy system...

The BEIS / OFGEM Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan action plan puts electricity storage at the heart of our future energy system.  Addressing the regulatory hurdles by introducing a new licence for electricity storage based on the Electricity Storage Network’s  definition of storage is good news for us, and for the whole electricity storage industry.  Addressing these issues now will improve the market for new storage technologies, introduce new business models and bring benefits to the nation from a more secure and sustainable energy system.  It will be a showcase for British expertise and will support our industry in its home and in valuable export markets.


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